I am excited to put this training to use and can see the benefits in the circle process.
– High School Special Ed Teacher

Circles are a way to deepen the value of community building.
– H.S. Teacher, Dean of Students

It was an excellent training, fun experience, and it expanded one’s self-awareness as well as skills.
– Retired Social Worker

This was a very enriching process and I loved being a part of it.
– College Student

I love the sense of equality that circles represent. I see them as being very positive for conflict resolution within the classroom.
– Special Ed. Teacher

I already am practicing circles in my class room, but feel I will be able to reach out to my students with a greater sense of awareness and heart.

Brilliant concept that everyone can benefit from. Soul enhancing.

This was an eye-opening experience and am glad that I had this opportunity.

I loved the training, and I will perpetuate the process in California.

I learned a lot about the power of circles in personal development and want to learn more.

I believe the circle process will help bridge the gap between students and staff and between the staff themselves.

Kris made using circle group work seem very accessible to school staff. Circle work is a very powerful tool that has many positive outcomes.

Circles will help us deepen our own communication and short circuit the toxic patterns caused by broken relationships.