There are a variety of ways to help.

To apply to become a volunteer, one must submit an application. [Word] All applicants will undergo a record check, and attend an interview with staff. Based on interests, skills and schedules, an individual is then matched with our programs.

Questions? Email or call us at 715-425-1100.

Represent the Community as a Stakeholder

Community volunteers participate in Restorative Justice sessions to role model community values, discuss the impact of crime & conflict and offer input for what is needed to make things right.
Business Owners • Parents • Law Enforcement • EMTs • Teachers & School District Staff


Individuals directly affected by crime, conflict or harm provide testimony about a specific event and explain the impact. Speaking may offer personal healing and a chance to make a change.

Victim Impact Panel Speaker
Addressing Car Accidents • Impaired & Distracted Driving

Session Speaker
Addressing Alcohol & Substance Use • Disorderly Conduct • Retail Theft • Trespassing


Learn the Restorative Justice philosophy and how to bring stakeholders together to address crime and conflict. Facilitators are provided with session curriculum, specialized training opportunities, including monthly meetings for networking and support. Legal or mediation background preferred.

Administrative Support

Offer specialized support to the Restorative Justice Center operations.


Call us at 715-425-1100 to speak with us about internship opportunities. Resumes can be sent to the Restorative Justice Center.

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What our volunteers are saying about their experiences

Volunteers were asked to complete an anonymous evaluation after participating in a session. Here’s what some of our volunteers have had to say!

“I really enjoyed [volunteering]. It was nice to see the participants here being fully engaged and comfortable…” – Local college student

“This session was awesome! I am leaving with a really great feeling that tonight mattered.” – Community Stakeholder

“Jerry’s story has a lot of impact on all the participants, and it’s so cool to see how everyone reacts and just how much their body language changes as they listen.” – Community Stakeholder

“You guys are a part of my recovery and support net.” – Session Speaker