There are a variety of ways to help.

Volunteer at SCVRJPThe first step to volunteering begins with submitting a volunteer application. Applications may be submitted electronically to the Restorative Justice Center, to complete the electronic application click here.

If you prefer to print an application and return it to the Restorative Justice Center, click here:Volunteer Application-2015.

For an outline of upcoming volunteer trainings: Spring SCVRJP trainings 2015

Please check our event calendar for orientation, Circle training and event dates. You can attend a volunteer orientation session to learn more about SCVRJP and where you may fit in. If you have questions or would like to register, contact Shana at 715-425-1100 or!

Current volunteers: Access our Volunteer Information Center.

Types of Volunteering

Community Mentoring: Community volunteers participate in Restorative Justice sessions to role model community values, discuss the impact of crime & conflict and offer input for what is needed to make things right.

Storytelling: Individuals directly affected by crime, conflict or harm provide testimony about a specific event and explain the impact. Storytelling may offer personal healing and a chance to make a change. Additional Speaker Information.

Restorative Response: Restorative Response is a SCVRJP program for family and friends of those who have died bby homicide, suicide, traffic fatality, drug overdose or unnatural death.  Please see our Restorative Response Circle Page  for information.

Circle Keeping: Volunteers interested facilitating Circle sessions will be provided with specialized training opportunities, including meetings for networking and support. Our two-day Circle training is required. Trainings are free for SCVRJP volunteers.

Event Support: Help SCVRJP by dedicating time and support to fundraising and community events, such as our Annual Walk for Awareness.

Office Support: Staff the office, aiding the day-to-day tasks of a non-profit organization. Opportunities may vary on a seasonal basis.

Board of Directors: Serve on the board of directors. Click here or email Kris Miner, Executive Director, at for more information.

What our volunteers are saying about volunteering with SCVRJP

Volunteers are asked to complete an anonymous evaluation after participating in a Restorative Justice session. Here’s what some of our volunteers have had to say!

“Circles are a great way to be involved with community and experience personal growth.”

“I have continued to be amazed by the amount of support these [Circles] provide to participants and how accepting all members are.”

“This session was awesome! I am leaving with a really great feeling that tonight mattered.”

“Jerry’s story has a lot of impact on all the participants and it’s so cool to see how everyone reacts and just how much their body language changes as they listen.”

Circles and Ciphers Flyer